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Regular Replacement And Cleaning Of Air Cooler Packing Benefits
Jun 22, 2017

Regular replacement and cleaning of Air Cooler packing benefits
 Air Cooler packing in the use of a few years later to be replaced regularly to ensure the normal working efficiency of Air Coolers, the number of years has been aging phenomenon, part of the filler has been off, resulting in cooling tower cooling capacity. Affect the operation efficiency of refrigeration units, consuming a lot of energy. At the same time, the crushing of the Air Cooler filler with the operation of the cooling pump into the unit of the condenser copper tube, plus my current use of the new cooling water treatment agent (hydroxycarboxylate) has a strong stripping rust function Condenser copper pipe will be blocked.
In the Air Cooler operation, if there is a phenomenon of uneven distribution of water, should try to eliminate the reasons for the timely, generally due to the cloth pipe clogging and nozzle off after the cause. Cooling pool and air-conditioning filler should be timely removal of the dirt, the general should be cleaned whenever disabled. When the circulation of water found in algae growth, should be impact of chlorine, a short time to ensure that the water residual chlorine 4mg / L or bleaching powder treatment. Lingke FRP cooling tower into and out of the water turbidity and water should be included in the air-conditioning operation records to accumulate maintenance management information, and as a repair and improve the cooling effect of the technical basis.
    The choice of the outdoor conversion temperature point of the cooling mode of the Air Cooler is directly related to the system cooling time. Assume that the water supply required at the end of the air conditioning is 12.7 ° C. Taking into account the cold Air Cooler, pipe and heat exchanger and other heat loss so that the water temperature rose 4.5 ℃, you can get in the outdoor wet bulb temperature is equal to or below 8.2 ℃ can be switched to air-conditioning cooling mode. The cooling tower in the system should also check the cooling capacity in the cooling mode of the Air Cooler according to the summer cooling load and the outdoor wet bulb temperature selection. Indirect cooling system in the heat exchanger should choose plate heat exchanger. Plate heat exchangers compared with the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, which has a high efficiency of heat transfer capacity. Considering that the cooling capacity of the Air Cooler (the difference between the outlet temperature of the Air Cooler and the outdoor wet bulb temperature) is reduced with the size of the cooling filler in the specific outdoor wet bulb temperature and the building load. So for a number of sets of air-conditioning system can be used in series air-conditioning method to increase the cooling effect, improve the air-conditioning cooling mode of outdoor conversion temperature, thereby increasing the number of cooling.
On the management of circulating water equipment, whether it is from the number of equipment, maintenance workload, power consumption and other aspects of what, air-conditioning fans are occupying a large proportion. The drenched packing of the Lancome cross-flow cooling tower should have a contraction angle from the top to the bottom with the vertical axis of the tower. The dripping angle of the drip-type leaching filler is preferably 9 ° to 11 °. The shrinkage inclination of the film-type leaching filler should be 5 ° to 6 °. The cross-flow cooling tower should be set to prevent short-circuit circulation from the bottom of the packing to the surface Measures. In the system, the cooling capacity of the air-conditioner in the air-conditioner is also checked according to the summer cooling load and the outdoor wet bulb temperature selection. The chilled water pump in the cooling water loop should be bypassed. The chilled water pump is closed when the Air Cooler is in the cooling mode, and the cooling water is passed through the chilled water pump, and the circulating hydrodynamic force is provided by the cooling water pump. Therefore, in the system design to consider the conversion of dedicated cold pump.