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Reasons And Solutions Of Cooling Effect Of Cooling Tower
Aug 20, 2018

As an indispensable equipment for cooling circulating water, cooling tower brings great energy saving effect to users in industrial and civil fields, protects the waste of water resources, and at the same time achieves the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, there are also many problems in cooling tower, for example, cooling effect of cooling tower is not ideal.Cooling towers don't provide any cooling effect, etc.The cause of the cooling tower and cooling effect is not ideal mainly cooling tower in the process of long-term use, as a result of the circulating water turbidity and hardness is taller, packing in high temperature water soak for a long time, cause cooling tower packing scale, the phenomenon such as congestion, long-term accumulation, the grain of packing are blocked, so the cooling effect is not ideal, this is one of them.Second, the improper selection of cooling tower is caused by improper selection of cooling tower, which is because the cooling tower is not matched according to its own flow rate and water inlet temperature. The standard cooling tower is used as an industrial cooling tower.Third, the cooling tower is too sealed around the cooling tower, the ventilation type is too poor, the air cannot circulate, so the cooling effect of GFRP cooling tower is not good.

Solution: for the first point, replace the cooling tower packing;Secondly, it can reduce the inflow flow of cooling tower, and halve the flow on the basis of the original flow, so that the cooling effect will be much better.Thirdly, the cooling tower is placed in the place of shady ventilation, which greatly improves the cooling effect of the cooling tower.