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Reasons Affecting The Heat Transfer Efficiency Of The Cooling Tower
Sep 05, 2018

The factors affecting the heat transfer efficiency of the cooling tower are related to the water distribution, aerodynamic characteristics and filler properties of the water tower. Under other conditions, improving the water distribution of the cooling tower will increase the heat transfer of the cooling tower. effectiveness.

The main problems affecting the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower are uneven water distribution and blockage of the packing. The uniformity of the water spray in the splashing device is poor. The thickness of the water film formed on the packing is not much different. The part with a large amount of water is in the film. The water film formed in the filler is thick, the heat exchange is slow, and the heat taken away by the air during the same water fall time is small, and when it reaches the critical water film thickness, it loses stability, forms fluctuations, and is prone to blockage, which increases the airflow resistance.