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Reason And Control Scheme Of Floating Water In Cooling Tower
Jan 14, 2018

Cooling tower Bleaching Water is a lot of cooling tower manufacturers encounter, but has not been very good solution to the problem. In the chiller system, any form of cooling tower in the working state is more or less the phenomenon of floating water. Especially in an open cooling system, the circulation water and the atmosphere direct contact, the bacterium and the dust in the air remains in the tower, causes the circulation water the turbidity to increase, the algae forms in the tower damp place, from the surface increases the pipeline and the apron system resistance, reduces the cooling efficiency, corrodes the tower body. The water droplets that float into the atmosphere are also highly likely to carry bacteria and pollution sources, causing pollution to the atmosphere or people.

First, the main reason for the cooling tower floating water

1, cooling tower by the fan suction force will be smaller water droplets from the vent cooling tower outside.

2, saturated hot and humid air after leaving the cooling tower to meet the outside world cold air to reach saturation, condensation into small water beads, the formation of bleach.

3, water from the filler into the tuyere.

Second, for the above reasons, to prevent cooling tower drift water can be controlled from the following:

1, hydraulic fan side-flow type of Cross-flow cooling tower using large, wide-leaf fan, in a certain amount of wind, increase the windward surface can reduce the speed of the fan, thus reducing the water droplets speed, reduce the wind pipe drift.

2, after the filler assembly into the wind surface is honeycomb-like deflector, has a good uniform wind effect, improve and stabilize the heat exchange strength of water vapor. Into the wind end to the tower tilt 30° angle, the air flow can be imported, and the water droplets can not be spilled, effectively reducing the loss of bleach.