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Reason And Control Scheme Of Air Cooler Floating Water
Jun 30, 2017

Reason and control scheme of Air Cooler floating water
Air Cooler Floating water is a problem that many Air Cooler manufacturers have encountered and have not been solved well. In the chiller system, any form of Air Cooler is more or less in the working state of the floating water phenomenon. Especially in an open cooling system, the circulation water and the atmosphere direct contact, the air bacterium and the dust remains in the tower, causes the circulation water turbidity increase, the algae forms in the tower damp place, from the noodles increased the pipeline and the apron system resistance, reduces the cooling efficiency, corrodes the tower body. Its floating water droplets in the atmosphere are also very likely to carry bacteria and pollution, pollution of the atmosphere or people.
I. Main reasons for floating of Air Coolers
1. The Air Cooler is pumped by the blower to pull the small water droplets out of the air cooler.
2, saturated humid air after leaving the Air Cooler to meet the external cold air to reach saturation, condensed into small beads, forming a floating water.
3. The water floats out from the filling outlet.
Second, for the above reasons, to prevent Air Coolers drift water can be controlled from the following:
1, Water fan square type of cross-flow Air Cooler using large, wide-leaf fan, in the case of a certain amount of air flow, increase the windward surface can reduce the fan speed, thereby reducing the water droplets speed, reduce the flow of wind.
2, packing after assembly into the air is a honeycomb-like deflector, a good uniform wind effect, improve and stabilize the heat exchange strength of water vapor. Into the wind to the tower tilted 30 angle, airflow can be imported, and water droplets can not be spilled, effectively reducing the loss of drift.
Air Cooler is the tube-type heat exchanger placed in the tower, through the circulation of air, spray water and circulating water heat exchange to ensure the cooling effect, because it is closed cycle, it can ensure that water quality is not contaminated, good protection of the main equipment of efficient operation, improve the service life. When the ambient temperature is low, the sprinkler system can be stopped and water saving effect will be achieved. With the implementation of national energy-saving front-row policy and the scarcity of water resources, Air Coolers have been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical machinery, petroleum, food, plastics, rubber and so on in recent years. To strict precision manufacturing technology to ensure that customers get high-quality products.
Air Cooler Advantages:
1. Because the Air Cooler is closed-loop cooling, there is no sundries entering the cooling piping system, so the phenomenon of pipeline blockage occurs;
2. Soft water circulation cooling, at high temperature also no scale generation, causing cooling pipe system scaling;
3. Small footprint, no need to dig the pool, easy access, save water, reduce energy consumption;
4. Using Air Cooler evaporative heat absorption double cooling mode, cooling efficiency is high;
5. Can direct cooling water, oil, alcohol, quenching liquid, brine and chemical solution medium, no loss of media, stable composition;
6. Because of the closed cycle, the media are not affected by the environment and will not pollute the environment;
7. Cooling water pressure loss is less than open Air Cooler.