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Rain's Influence To Sewage Cooling Tower
Apr 26, 2017

It is the rainy season when summer is coming, especially in the south China.Plenty of rain,and flooding is common.Sewage cooling tower can be used outside but also inside.If the sewage cooling tower is used outside, the rain will get into the cooling tower's spray cycle water.

In the process of the rain get into cooling tower's recycled water.Rain wil absorb the sulfur ion and carbon ion,water quality will be acidize.If there is too much rain get into the tower,we need to change the spay water,in order to avoid the cooling coil pipe from corrosion.

Some sewage cooling tower's whole pool is at outside,but the tower is inside,so the rain will get into the pool and work with spray water in cooling cycle,rain will influence the water quality of spray water,corrode the cooling coil and the tower body material,Seriously affect the service life of the cooling tower.

Cooling tower's pool is inside,but is low water level,rain is easy to get into the pool and fill it.Mixture of rain is relatively small,we could through chemical dosing to deal with the water quality.If there is plenty of rain,also need to change spray water.

The influence of rain on the cooling tower is very big,rain is easy to be acidated,so it influence the service life of the cooling tower.So for the rain we must be prepared and have processing mode,avoid rain's serious influence of cooling tower's service life.

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