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Packless Spray Cooling Tower
Nov 14, 2016


1. WGPL packless spray cooling tower packing Tower structures on the differences:

WGPL GPL efficient low-pressure atomizing device for Tower instead of the traditional PVC packing, cooling components of resistance fell from 90-110Pa to 30PaWGPL tower with consequent spray cooling process with downstream and upstream processes, WGPL floating towers using special technology, drift-free water.

2. the cooling mechanism of WGPL packless spray cooling tower:

Cooling tower cooling of three major elements:

Ratio of air and water (air/water ratio), cold air in contact with the water surface area; the cold air and water contact time.

WGPL Tower design is based on the above three elements.

WGPL Tower resistance decreased from filmy 140Pa 75Pa, cooling axial fans air flow increases 20%, packed column increased 20% over the water;

WGPL tower by GPL efficient low-pressure atomization droplets of water injection into 0.5-1mm in 0.03MPa, gas water contact 10% larger than the surface area and a water distribution on the PVC packing;

WGPL bedding spray, cooling both downstream and upstream processes, cooling time longer than packing.

3. WGPL advantages of spray cooling tower


Cooling temperature than the packed Tower 2 c, YOY 10% water cooling, cold piece of T2-τ ≤ 3.5, smaller than packing Tower


Completely overcome the aging of packing, deformation, brittle, jam, gully debris flow phenomena and filler for process equipment

And pipes blocked, distributed water in the Tower, spray block. Reliable operation

Energy saving:

WGPL resistance 50%, fan motor energy-saving 35%