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Our Cooling Tower Are The Industry's Pioneer Products
Oct 19, 2017

Our Cooling Tower are the industry's pioneer products
The Cooling Tower has a characteristic in which the aeronautical means of movement of the mechanical ventilation Cooling Tower depends on the electric drive of the fan to attract or force the tower air. The natural ventilation Cooling Tower uses the exhaust chimney's high growth to provide air buoyancy drafts. The fan-assisted natural ventilation Cooling Tower uses a mechanical draft to increase the buoyancy effect. Many of the early Cooling Tower rely on the wind to produce air drafts. If the cooling water returns from the Cooling Tower to reuse, some water must be added to the replacement or composition, and the part of the flow evaporates. As the evaporation includes pure water, the concentration of dissolved minerals and other solid circulating water tends to increase unless some dissolution, such as the fight against solid control means, is provided. Some of the water is also lost with the ongoing exhaust (drift) droplets, but this is usually reduced to a very small amount of installation baffle-like device, known as drifting exclusion, to collect droplets. The amount of compensation must be equal to the evaporation, blowing down, the total drift, such as wind blowout and other water leakage losses, to maintain a stable water level.
FRP Cooling Tower in China's development history to be traced back to the seventies and eighties, even earlier. This calculation has been forty years old. Can be said to be honest adults, the development prospects are very impressive.
As early as the seventies. China's industrial recycling water technology is accompanied by the emergence of glass fiber reinforced plastic Cooling Tower. And in the development of FRP Cooling Tower plays a star-like navigation role. To date, China has hundreds of domestic enterprises with glass fiber reinforced plastic Cooling Tower. And with the continuous development of technology, FRP Cooling Tower technology has a follower of the younger brother to grow into industrial recycling water, saving water industry an important helper.
Effective statistics show that glass fiber reinforced plastic Cooling Tower has been in China for more than 40 years to achieve the process of saving low-carbon increasingly important position. Many of the industry's enterprises are also constantly research and innovation, to enhance their technological progress. Slowly to the direction of energy-saving Cooling Tower closer, reduce costs at the same time better in the development of the tower water plant design.
In the process of industrial production often use the circulating water will be washed out of industrial waste, Cooling Tower with the use of cooling water to the tower with the air heat exchange, so that waste heat to the air to go. The cooling run is unique for the management of the heat and heat evaporative cooling water in the heat exchanger. The cooling is used to fill the water with the filler, the function is to enter the water Cooling Tower fan or splash water to form a water film, the filler is made of polyvinyl chloride Data or the production of modified polypropylene materials. Increase the time and area of water and air to make it in contact with water to get a better Cooling Tower for the lower body. The cloth has a sink that brings together the cooling water under the package to store and adjust the bottom of the tank, some pipes and drains, the upper part of the tank filling tube and pipe overflow.
FRP Cooling Tower in the course of the use of the weather and dust for many years, the use of cooling inside the backlog of a lot of dirt, the use of a large number of cooling quality decline, seriously affecting the cooling effect, the accumulation of impurities and filler aging. Which will affect the cooling ride life, it must be regularly cleaned it. So as to adapt to the use of a long time.
Cooling Tower cooling effect depends mainly on the size of the air flow and heat transfer area, and the size of the air flow depends on the size of the Cooling Tower motor power and Cooling Tower fan blade angle size; we all know that the Cooling Tower is a mechanical refrigeration , Said the white is driven by the motor to drive the fan to produce enough air volume, like the summer with the same fan, the fan of the stalls the greater the amount of air naturally the greater, but if the surrounding wet bulb temperature is too high, the greater the air flow , But the cooling effect is worse. Heat transfer area is actually the size of the Cooling Tower packing area, the Cooling Tower fan is the flow of air, and the main role of the filler is to prevent the circulating water when the flow rate, you can let the circulating water and flow of air can be connected with the cold Air to cool the hot water, the greater the heat transfer area, the more cold air and circulating water heat exchange, the greater the heat taken away; so the Cooling Tower cooling effect is the most important is the size of the heat transfer area ; The size of the heat transfer area is mainly composed of two parts, one is the shape of the Cooling Tower packing, but the height of the Cooling Tower packing.