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Notes About Sewage Cooling Tower's Maintenance
Apr 25, 2017

Put simply,sewage cooling tower is the most commmen equipment in modern industry.Usually,people will stop use sewage colling tower for a period after use it for a long time.

To make sure the sewage cooling tower can be normal working,it needs to intensive care,even when you don't use it.

1.Try not to put the sewage cooling tower in a dark and damp area or exposed to sunlight directly.Due to the influence of the environment,its various parts will be corrosion and

aging will shorten its service life.

Suggest putting it in ventilated place,it benefit to it's maintenance.

2.Suggest using a clean cloth to cover the whole tower,in order to avoid the dust on the surface,the dust is hard to clean after a long time,if you do not use for long time.

3.You can paint slushing oil on the surface of the tower,and add lubricating oil at the bolt and screw.It not only can increase productivity but also help to extend the service 

life of the tower.

In short,don't ignore the tower when you don't use it,it should be treated with caution.Only pay attention to each link, do correct maintenance, can ensure its normal working, improve the production efficiency, to win more economic benefits and social benefits for company.

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