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Natural Ventilation Cooling Tower Noise
Jun 20, 2018

The noise of the natural draft cooling tower is mainly the water noise from the air inlet, and the noise at the tower outlet can be neglected. In the countercurrent cooling tower, the water poured directly into the pool after packing, and the drop height is high. The water in the cross-flow cooling tower drops gradually through the packing and the drop height is small. However, the noise generated at the air inlet is similar to the counterflow cooling tower.

One way to reduce noise is to install a silencer at the inlet of the tower. There are many naturally ventilated cooling towers abroad that have adopted this measure. Another method is to use a wall to block the noise, such as the Tihan Power Plant in Belgium. The natural ventilation cooling tower is 158.5m high, the bottom diameter is 114m, and the air inlet is 10m high. In order to reduce the noise interference to the surrounding, an extra earthlift was added outside the tower, which was increased by 14.7m and the foundation was 27m wide, and surrounded half a circle.