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Mechanical Ventilation Cooling Tower Noise
Jun 20, 2018

The noise in the mechanical ventilation cooling tower is mainly due to the addition of water noise and fan noise, but when the fan stops running, the water noise will increase 1-3dB, because the air flow inside the tower makes the falling speed of the water spray laugh; hot water Noise is also less than cold water. When watering is stopped, the fan noise from the air inlet will increase, because saturated humid air and rain area will make the noise attenuate.

In order to reduce the noise from the air intake of the mechanical ventilation cooling tower, noise insulation walls can be added to the air intake of the tower. The position of the sound insulation wall should not prevent the tower from entering the wind. The soundproof walls can be ordinary walls, or they can be made of sound-absorbing material, such as mineral fibres in the middle of the wall, and holes in the wall on the side of the tower. Adding cushioning material in the pool reduces the impact of water droplets in the rain area on the pool. In order to reduce the impact noise of water, the surface will be beveled, such as installing some inverted V-shaped devices made of plastic sheet in the rain area, and some shock-absorbing materials such as foam plastic in the middle of the V-shape.