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Maintenance Instruction Of Sewage Cooling Tower
Nov 04, 2017

In the newly installed sewage cooling tower, the v-type belt of its fan may be slightly elongated at the beginning of operation, please adjust the belt properly according to the adjustment method given in the instruction manual.Note that if it is too tight, it will damage the bearing.

Please clean the water hole at the top of the water tank and the  filter net in the lower water,etc once a month.

If the sewage cooling tower will be stop for a long time,loose the belt,add oil to the fan bearing,and cover the motor.Confirm the degree of tightness of the U belt,lock nut,add oil to the fan bearing again.Otherwise,there might be foreign material because of the long time stop,please check it before re-use.

The circulating water evaporation will leave dirt in the sewage,increase the concentration of water.The water's concentration increased,so the corrosivity and dirt increased,the water distribution will be block or the equipment will be damaged,In order to avoid such situation,please clean the dirt of the water tank and change the circulating water at least once a year.