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Influence Of Water Temperature Variation Of Cooling Tower On Refrigerating Unit
Jan 14, 2018

Cooling tower function

The waste heat produced in the process of industrial production or refrigeration is generally guided away by cooling water. River, rivers, lakes, sea and other natural water to absorb a certain amount of water as cooling water, cooling process equipment to absorb waste heat to increase the water temperature, and then discharged into the river, river, Lake, sea, this cooling method is called DC cooling. Cooling towers are required for cooling when there is no DC cooling condition.

The function of the cooling tower is equivalent to the heat exchanger of the ordinary household air conditioner outdoor machine, which is used to heat dissipation equipment.

For water-cooled central air-conditioning to the water, the condensation side is by the water pump circulating pipe to take away the refrigerant heat in the condenser, after water takes the heat away from the condenser, it circulates into the cooling tower under the action of the pump, passing the water in the cooling tower and then transferring the heat to the air around the cooling tower, Then again into the central air-conditioning condenser to absorb the heat.

water-cooled central air-conditioning system cooling tower is equivalent to ordinary household air-conditioning outdoor machine condenser, pump equivalent to ordinary household air-conditioning outdoor machine fan motor, only from a heat change into two times.

water-cooled central air-conditioning cooling water system because it is an open system, water quality is very easy to become very poor, the need to regularly clean the pipe, regular replacement of cooling water.

Influence of water temperature variation of cooling tower on refrigerating unit

For the mechanical cooling tower, the higher the fan speed, cooling water temperature will be lower, at this time the cooling tower power consumption more; But for the mainframe, the lower the cooling water temperature, the host power consumption less. Conversely, the lower the speed of cooling towers, the higher the cooling water temperature, so that the cooling tower power consumption less. But for the host, due to the water temperature into the condenser, the corresponding host power consumption will increase.