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Influence Of Water Temperature Variation Of Air Cooler On Refrigeration
Nov 02, 2017

Influence of Water Temperature Variation of Air Cooler on Refrigeration
Industrial production or refrigeration process generated waste heat, generally use cooling water to guide away. From the river, river, lake, sea and other natural water to absorb a certain amount of water as cooling water, cooling technology equipment to absorb waste heat to water temperature, and then into the river, river, lake, sea, this cooling method known as DC cooling The When you do not have DC cooling conditions, you need to use a cooler to cool.
The role of Air Cooler is equivalent to ordinary household Air Cooler outdoor unit heat exchanger, is used to heat the equipment.
For the water-cooled central Air Cooler water, the condensation side is the water pump through the pipeline to remove the water inside the condenser heat, the water heat away the condenser, the role of the pump in the cycle into the Air Cooler, Through the flow of water in the Air Cooler and then pass the heat to the air around the Air Cooler, and then re-enter the central air conditioning condenser to absorb heat.
Water-cooled central Air Cooler system of Air Cooler system is equivalent to ordinary household Air Cooler outdoor unit on the condenser, the pump is equivalent to ordinary household Air Cooler outdoor unit fan motor, only by a heat exchanger into a secondary heat exchange only.
Water-cooled central Air Cooler cooling water system Because it is open system, water quality is easy to become very poor, need to regularly clean the pipe, regular replacement of cooling water.
For mechanical air-conditioners, the higher the fan speed, the lower the cooling water temperature, the more Air Cooler power consumption; but for the host, the lower the cooling water temperature, the host less power consumption. On the contrary, the lower the Air Cooler, the higher the temperature of the cooling water, so that the less power consumption of the Air Cooler. But for the host, due to the water temperature into the condenser, the corresponding host power consumption will increase.
Air Cooler internal modification: the use of high-performance resin matrix, enhance the fiber additives, improve the quality of glass fiber reinforced plastic. This method is costly. FRP products because of its weather resistance, poor wear resistance, low hardness limits its application, and the market needs a good appearance, cost-effective glass steel products. There are two ways to solve the defects of FRP products: internal modification and surface coating. Surface coating: the use of a variety of different materials with high performance or a specific function during the molding process or after molding, protects or imparts new functions to improve the quality and competition of the product force.
Surface quality, multi-functional, without changing the FRP Air Cooler products formulations, process conditions. Most of the FRP surface coating protection using paint or spray gel coat and other simple methods, but the quality is poor, and the need for regular maintenance. The high-performance FRP surface protection refers to a high decorative, heavy anti-corrosion, ultra-weather, functional, easy construction of the coating technology.
High-performance FRP Air Cooler surface protection has the following requirements: Coatings (environmental protection): water-based paint, powder coating, high solids and solvent-free coatings; choice of paint need to consider the six factors: painting purpose, working environment, construction conditions , Adhere to the "conservation" principle, supporting and environmental requirements. At present, the development of the Air Cooler has the prospect of FRP surface coating process: dip for small, the appearance of the regular workpiece; and spraying for large surface area, the shape of the workpiece. This method is used to coat FRP products with good surface quality and low investment.