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Influence Of Temperature Variation Of Cooling Tower On Refrigerating Unit
Jun 30, 2017

Influence of temperature variation of Cooling Tower on refrigerating unit
Cooling Tower function
Waste heat generated in industrial production or refrigeration processes is usually guided by cooling water. River, rivers, lakes, sea and other natural water to absorb a certain amount of moisture as cooling, cooling process equipment to absorb waste heat to raise water temperature, and then discharged into the river, river, Lake, sea, this cooling method called DC cooling. When the DC cooling condition is not available, a Cooling Tower is required to cool it.
The role of the Cooling Tower is equivalent to the ordinary household air-conditioning outdoor machine heat exchanger, is used for cooling equipment.
For water-cooled central air-conditioning to water, the condensation side is relying on the water pump circulating pipe to take away the heat of refrigerant in the condenser, after the water takes the heat away from the condenser, it circulates into the Cooling Tower under the action of the pump, and passes the flow of water in the Cooling Tower to the air around the Cooling Tower and then into the central air-conditioning condenser to absorb the heat.
water-cooled central air-conditioning system Cooling Tower is equivalent to ordinary household air-conditioning outdoor machine condenser, water pump equivalent to ordinary domestic air-conditioning outdoor machine blower motor, only by a heat change changed to two times.
Water-cooled central air-conditioning cooling system is open system, water quality is very easy to become very poor, the need for regular cleaning of the pipeline, regular replacement of cooling water.
Influence of temperature variation of Cooling Tower on refrigerating unit
For the mechanical Cooling Tower, the higher the fan speed, the lower the cooling water temperature, the more power consumption of the Cooling Tower at this time; but for the host, the lower the cooling water temperature, the less the power consumption of the host. Conversely, the lower the Cooling Tower speed, the higher the cooling water temperature, so that the Cooling Tower power consumption less. But for the host, because the temperature of the condenser into the increase, the corresponding host power consumption will increase.
A Cooling Tower is a kind of equipment for heat exchange between water and air directly. Mechanical Cooling Tower It is mainly composed of fans, motors, fillers, water supply system, tower body, water tray and so on. The main purpose is to reduce the water temperature by heat exchange between the lower air and the moisture in the filler. The structure of the water tower and the design conditions in each manufacturer's product specifications are noted, and we now Cooling Tower circulation flow is used for the unit is the international more commonly used units, and Cooling Towers in the selection should be left with about 20% margin.
The main noise source of the Cooling Tower is the low-frequency air eddy noise generated by the fan when it rotates, and the noise of the motor and the transmission device when it is running, and the noise pollution of the fan in the process of its operation, which protects the user's living environment to a great extent. WNT Cooling Towers Use the latest patented sprinkler technology, it can make the most of the cooling water spray, greatly improve the contact area between cooling water and air contact time, the atomized droplets fall back to the filler layer, and once again with the cold air into the tower in reverse exchange, so that it has a good thermodynamic performance. No motor power consumption, energy-saving model Cooling Tower Energy efficiency is very high. In the energy-saving and low noise at the same time, because it is composed of static components, so its almost lifelong trouble-free maintenance.