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Industrial Air Coolers Precautions During Routine Inspection
Nov 02, 2017

Industrial Air Coolers Precautions during routine inspection
It is not uncommon in the ordinary life of our industry, but in some industries it is probably a large-scale construction in the already very tense use, Industrial Air Coolers in the usual check there are many needs to pay attention to the incident, So, what is the need to pay attention to it, please follow the professional skills of the staff to stop for the introduction of each.
First of all, when the Industrial Air Coolers began to use, it should stop the investigation of the current period, but also according to the wind Industrial Air Coolers operation is certainly a very detailed examination of the report, lunch time can be a better understanding of Industrial Air Coolers situation The
Secondly, in the investigation, Industrial Air Coolers and pipeline vibration black and white often a critical check, because it can see Industrial Air Coolers is not in normal operation.
At the end, the professional staff pointed out that we stop the usual check when the need to pay attention to the color of the oil and the temperature change, so that the real-time invented the problem, to prevent the wind Industrial Air Coolers in oil and oil under the following problems.
In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, as well as technological innovation and progress, sewage Industrial Air Coolers has been widely used in various fields, and promote the social economic development. In daily life, sewage Industrial Air Coolers often have a variety of problems, seriously affecting the cooling effect. For why so, many users are not aware of, and even some professional people are puzzling, resulting in economic losses.
So, in order to reduce the economic waste, which areas need to effectively improve the production of sewage Industrial Air Coolers? In general, the Industrial Air Coolers are mainly working for the coolant, and the coolant in the course of prolonged use, there will be some calcium precipitation. Once the sedimentation time is long, these calcium will accumulate more, thus seriously affecting the normal work of the sewage Industrial Air Coolers. Therefore, it can be seen, Industrial Air Coolers reason why the production efficiency is not high, because it is not regularly cleaned up, resulting in more and more accumulation of stolen goods is not conducive to the normal operation of Industrial Air Coolers. So, how to better solve this problem? First of all, it is necessary to carefully clean the parts of the Industrial Air Coolers, and can not ignore every detail to prevent it from being cleared for a long time. Then, during normal operation, the staff must always check the Industrial Air Coolers various components, in the connection by adding the appropriate lubricants to ensure that it can be used normally.
Industrial Air Coolers In the actual operation, due to the long life and do not pay attention to maintenance, Industrial Air Coolers fans in the rotation process of damage and other phenomena, Industrial Air Coolers fan damage is the main reason for the long life and maintenance caused by improper ; Industrial Air Coolers fan life is about 5-8 years, due to Industrial Air Coolers cycle acidity is relatively large, Industrial Air Coolers fan is running in a long state, it will inevitably because of water vapor corrosion caused by the fan When the Industrial Air Coolers fan is suddenly damaged, we should immediately turn off the Industrial Air Coolers power supply and the circulating water pump. When the FRP Industrial Air Coolers motor can not be operated due to damage to the fan, check the motor immediately.
Easy to occur Industrial Air Coolers fan damage mainly for a long time running and long time without maintenance, FRP Industrial Air Coolers in the process of running because the motor speed is relatively fast, and the fan due to perennial maintenance, fan corrosion is more serious; Fan of the high-speed rotation, it will inevitably be damaged; Industrial Air Coolers fan is best every 2-3 months for maintenance, especially after a long downtime in operation, we must carry out maintenance, the easiest way to maintain is on the fan Apply oil or lubricants for preserving. Fan to the main maintenance, and once found damaged or broken phenomenon, should be replaced or repaired in time to prevent the late cause greater harm.