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Industrial Air Coolers Need To Be Considered For Decontamination In Design
Jun 14, 2017

Industrial Air Coolers need to be considered for decontamination in design

Our Industrial Air Coolers are often used in a variety of large-scale distillation and recirculation systems, enrichment systems, distillation systems, exhaust gas waste heat recovery systems, traditional Chinese medicine extraction systems, high temperature instantaneous sterilization systems, CIP cleaning systems, civil HVAC systems, Process materials, heating and cooling, etc. in the course of the use of the process, because the raw materials and treatment measures, will always produce a lot of dirt, and the presence of these dirt will affect the subsequent use, therefore, Industrial Air Coolers In the design of Industrial Air Coolers, we need to consider how it is easy to quickly remove dirt.

   After a series of research and experiment, we Shandong Han Zun heating equipment Co., Ltd. finally came up with a series of methods:

  (1) after the installation of heat transfer equipment, cleaning dirt without disassembly equipment, industrial air cooler that can be cleaned at the work site;

  (2) should take the minimum industrial air cooler dead zone and low flow area;

  (3) the flow velocity distribution within the heat exchanger should be uniform, in order to avoid a large speed gradient to ensure uniform temperature distribution;

  (4) to improve the flow rate to help reduce the dirt under the premise of ensuring reasonable pressure drop and no corrosion;

  (5) should consider the heat transfer surface temperature on the formation of dirt.

, Industrial air cooler, especially in the winter season such as the use of the most, industrial air cooler during use will not be blocked phenomenon? This problem is that we are most worried about, but also common problems, we need to find out the reasons to solve in a timely manner, the following will be detailed to the details of the phenomenon of congestion and how to effectively deal with the method;

First of all, we come to understand the reasons for the phenomenon of obstruction under the industrial air cooler, scale and other items is the most important two factors, if blocked, blocked location is very troublesome to solve the more trouble, so we should be timely Take measures to do preventive work, industrial air cooler heating water is not going out of the water all year round, and added a soft agent. Can be used for a long time, but for the late use of normal, regular cleaning work is even more important.