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Industrial Air Coolers Manufacturers Are Popular In Modern Agriculture
Aug 17, 2017

Industrial Air Coolers manufacturers are popular in modern agriculture
    Industrial Air Coolers are becoming more and more popular in the agricultural sector. Industrial Air Coolers are playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. Industrial Air Coolers are not only beneficial to the preservation of agricultural products, but also cost savings for farmers. Here to talk about why the rural Industrial Air Coolers manufacturers so popular reasons:
    Global warming, the temperature is getting higher and higher, fruits and vegetables serious water shortage, harvest less, so high temperature if there is no Industrial Air Coolers manufacturers to provide a combination of cold storage, how to ensure the freshness of agricultural products, agricultural products from the field To recover also sell good price, no fresh agricultural products no one willing to buy!
    Therefore, it is very important to be able to provide Industrial Air Coolers service. Take co-operatives to jointly build, Baotuan fire. With a combination of cold storage or civil cold storage can be large-scale cultivation of agricultural products, and different fear of short-term deterioration, but also a lot of storage, without fear of selling, is an important means of increasing farmers, but also can ease the price of agricultural products to prevent certain acquisitions Shang Tu Ju Qi Qi, driving up prices, the stability of the entire price has an important role in alleviating inflationary pressures, so that prices back to normal track.
What are the preparations for the Industrial Air Coolers before installation?
1, Industrial Air Coolers should be selected in a well ventilated place as the installation location.
    2, more than two towers, tower group layout should be considered between the two towers to maintain a certain distance. General tower diameter of 1 to 2 times is appropriate, depending on the specific circumstances of the unit may be.
    3, before the installation of the user needs to be based on the Industrial Air Coolers base map on the footsteps of the footsteps, the basic do a good job, and to stay irrigation holes or embedded iron. The Industrial Air Coolers feet in the same level, fixed on the basis of. And the legs and out of the water pipe, the axis should be perpendicular to the base surface, the upper and middle shell between the application of screws, positioning.
    4, for the assembly of the tower assembly, the requirements to ensure that the tower assembly diameter, and the upper and lower flat, the bottom of the water well.
    5, the fan test normal, the motor should be the junction box with epoxy resin or other moisture-proof material to prevent the motor damp and burned. Fan running in the direction of clockwise upward ventilation, the exit is generally not covered or scaffolding.
    6, the Industrial Air Coolers flame retardant and non-flame retardant, the installation is strictly prohibited to bring the fire into the construction site to prevent the filler, glass steel fire. If the site welding construction, to do the appropriate protective measures.
    7, the choice of pumps should pay attention to this Industrial Air Coolers matching, allowing the tower to change the range of water, does not exceed the rated value of ± 10%, strict water overload and affect the cold effect. Selection of pump head, should be considered into the tower before the pipeline pressure loss.
    8, gear reducer lubricants fill in the required grades, with access valve and oil ruler.
   Rainwater combines sulfur and carbon in the air, causing acidification of water quality. If the rainwater enters the Industrial Air Coolers, it will cause corrosion of the Industrial Air Coolers, and the corrosion is very obvious. This chapter of the round of Industrial Air Coolers manufacturers for everyone to analyze.
       Open Industrial Air Coolers: because of its entire pool are exposed to the outside, as long as the rain, the rain will be directly into the pool, the rain will be with the spray water cycle, in the cycle of acidification of the rain will corrosion Coil and Industrial Air Coolers body. Affect the service life of cooling pan and Industrial Air Coolers.
       Closed Industrial Air Coolers: Closed Industrial Air Coolers pool inside the Industrial Air Coolers, although not directly into the rain, but the closed Industrial Air Coolers at the bottom of the distance from the ground less, if the rain is large, then the rain will Diffuse into the Industrial Air Coolers at the bottom of the Industrial Air Coolers to cause corrosion of the Industrial Air Coolers.