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In Recent Years The Rising Trend Of Sewage Cooling Tower In The Industry
Sep 08, 2017

In recent years the rising trend of sewage Cooling Tower in the industry
In recent years, with the continuous development of the economy, as well as technological innovation and progress, sewage Cooling Tower has been widely used in various fields, and promote social economic development. In daily life, sewage Cooling Towers often have a variety of problems, seriously affecting the cooling effect. For why so, many users have said that do not understand, and even some professional people are puzzling, resulting in economic losses. So, in order to reduce the economic waste, which areas need to effectively improve the production efficiency of sewage Cooling Tower? In general, the sewage Cooling Tower is mainly since the coolant to work, and the coolant in the course of prolonged use, inevitably there will be some calcium precipitation. Once the sedimentation time is long, these calcium will accumulate more, thus seriously affecting the normal work of the sewage Cooling Tower. Therefore, it can be seen that the Cooling Tower is not efficient production efficiency, because it is not regularly cleaned up, resulting in more and more accumulation of stolen goods is not conducive to the normal operation of the Cooling Tower. So, how to better solve this problem? First of all, it is necessary to carefully clean the parts of the sewage Cooling Tower, can not ignore every detail, to prevent its long time does not clean up the Cooling Tower production efficiency is low. Then, the normal operation, the staff must always check the Cooling Tower of the various components, in the connection by adding appropriate lubricants to ensure that it can be used normally. Sewage Cooling Tower is so popular, the key lies in its own strong advantage, so that its development prospects more and more broad.
Why do you want to check the Cooling Tower:
1, the Cooling Tower can be fully connected with the full load, will directly affect the production value of the plant and production safety. Whether the Cooling Tower of a thermal power plant can work in good condition in summer is a necessary condition for full power generation and safe generation. Only the Cooling Tower has sufficient cooling effect to provide sufficient cooling water to the condenser of the turbo-generator unit to ensure the necessary vacuum of the condenser, thus ensuring that the turbine generator set must limit the power generation output and even shut down to prevent A serious accident occurred in the occurrence of turbine generator sets.
2, whether the Cooling Tower to achieve the efficiency of the production economy is an important measure of the economy. In the thermal power plant, Cooling Towers to achieve efficiency should be energy saving, saving energy, reduce power generation costs an important measure. The lower the temperature of the cooling water, the lower the steam temperature after the steam work, so that the greater the power of the steam, the effective utilization rate increases accordingly. The theoretical analysis shows that the improvement of the thermal efficiency of the power station is proportional to the decrease of the circulating water temperature. For the medium pressure unit with coal and oil as the fuel, the cooling water temperature can be reduced by one degree Celsius and the thermal efficiency can be improved.
Second, the maintenance and maintenance of Cooling Towers:
1, fan maintenance: the screw is tightened, whether the angle changes, the blade surface appears uneven attachment or cracking or peeling. Found that the above problems should be shut down in time. Clean up or repair.
2, check the reducer drive situation: the normal operation of the case, the gear cooling gear Cooling Tower requirements for each year for a gear oil, belt reducer driven Cooling Tower every year, replace the bearings.
3, oil level inspection: the tubing connection, due to long-term vibration should pay attention to the oil standard and the loose joints. Oil oil cracked or broken out of the abnormal situation, so as not to make serious oil leakage.
4, the motor overhaul: the motor should check the bearing and insulation, the general one year wash and wash once, and add grease, such as the motor bearing abnormalities, should be promptly open swap.
5, packing inspection: Cooling Tower check whether the formation of clean, whether there is scaling, generally no serious impact can be dealt with slightly. Such as a serious impact on cold efficiency, it should be targeted water treatment. If the filler is aged, the packing should be replaced completely.
6, steel stent corrosion: tower steel stent corrosion coated with anti-rust paint, but should pay attention to abnormal force and deformation. Cooling Tower If the motor reducer support frame is damaged and the packing support is deformed due to the fouling of the packing, the maintenance personnel should be informed.