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How To Redurce The Noise Of The Cooling Tower
May 19, 2017

The way to redurce the noise of the cooling tower boils down to inside the tower,outside the tower two basic ways.Inside the tower, govern the noise reduction of the sound source als point.Outside the tower contain isolating sound waves on the way of sound propagation(sound insulation),sound absorption and range attenuation three ways.

1.Sound insulation,put a silencing machine on the inlet of the tower to limit the fan noise of the outlet and the air flow noise to diffuse.

2.Sound absorption,in the process of the sound waves transmit,insert a barrier between the sound source and the around,reduce the direct sound wave to reduce the noise.

3.Range attenuation,the point to solve the problem of water noise is to solve the problem of sound source,add water silencer pad in the tower,when the cooling water is falling,it won't effect the water in the pool directly,so the noise will be low.