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How To Maintain The Cooling Tower (1)
Jul 22, 2017

1.Change fill.Inferior fill's rigidity is weak,bearing capacity is poor,easy to deformation,loose and lodging, direct result to poor cooling effect or loss of cooling capacity,if this problem appear,you must be strict when you change fill at the next time.

2.The selection of lubricating grease for the transmission of the cooling tower.At present,more than 90% of the cooling tower manufacturers in China do not provide specific guidance on the lubrication of the cooling tower,just simply a description of add lubricating oil or grease,the transmission of cooling tower working long time in the high temperature circumstance,especially some high temperature cooling tower,if the type selected were not correct,lubricating oil is easy to lose efficacy due to oxidation, emulsification, etc.The lubrication failure make the transmission system wear out,performance: belt shake,abrasion;gear reducer gear abrasion;tower shake;motor burn, etc.