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How To Maintain The Cooling Tower (1)
Aug 06, 2018

1. Filler replacement, inferior packing is weak in rigidity, poor in carrying capacity, easy to deform, loose and lodging, directly leading to poor cooling effect or loss of cooling capacity. If such problems occur, it is unfortunate that the next time the packing is changed, it must be strictly tested.

2. For the selection of lubricating grease in the cooling tower transmission section, at present, more than 90% of domestic cooling tower manufacturers do not provide specific guidance for the lubrication of the cooling tower, but simply explain the explanations such as “adding lubricating oil” and “adding grease”. As everyone knows, the cooling tower transmission part works for a long time in the environment of high water vapor and high temperature (especially some high temperature towers). If improperly selected, the lubricating grease is easily damaged due to oxidation, emulsification, etc., and the lubrication failure directly causes the transmission system to wear out. : belt shake, wear; reducer gear wear; tower body shake; motor burned.