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How To Cool The Cooling Tower Without Packing?
Jan 14, 2018

I. Overview:

A cooling tower is a device that utilizes the contact of water and air to disperse waste heat generated in industrial or refrigeration air-conditioning by evaporation. The basic principle is: drying (low enthalpy value) air after the fan's twitching, from the wind network into the cooling tower, saturated steam for the pressure of high temperature water molecules to low pressure air flow, hot and humid (high enthalpy) of water from the water system sprinkle into the tower.

Cooling mechanism of non-filler cooling towers:

Three main elements to achieve cooling and cooling:

The ratio of cold air to water (gas/water ratio), the surface area of contact between cold air and water, and the time of cold air and water. It is based on the above three elements designed. The system resistance by the packing tower 140Pa to 75Pa, the cooling axial fan air volume increases 20%, the gas water comparison packing tower increases 20%; Through the high efficiency low pressure mist make-up device in 0.03MPa under the water spray into the 0.5-1mm droplet, the gas water contact specific surface area is bigger than the water distribution in the PVC filler 10% The equipment adopts a downstream spray, cooling has two processes downstream and countercurrent, cooling time is longer than filler.

III. structure of cooling towers:

1, no filler spray cooling tower using high efficiency low pressure centrifugal fog make-up device (nozzle pressure: 0.035MPa) as a cooling element to take [substituting the traditional packing tower filler and cloth water device, so that the entire tower almost become an empty tower, the structure greatly simplified.

2, no filler spray cooling tower after the removal of fillers and distribution of water device, the fog make-up device installed in the inlet air duct, the water injection direction and axial flow fan suction cold air, while the water has risen and decreased two processes, cooling also has downstream cooling and countercurrent cooling two processes.

3, no filler spray cooling tower is through the fog make-up device water spray into a fog-like, so that the air and water micro-granular homogeneous contact, and the packing tower is through the water spray nozzle water distribution on the filler membrane-like and cold contact.

4, no filler spray cooling tower due to the removal of filler, so that the tower load greatly reduced, do not need more support beam plate, civil structure simplification, saving civil investment.