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How To Choose The Cooling Tower Packing
Jan 07, 2019

How to choose the cooling tower packing:

1. The choice of cooling tower packing type should consider the requirements of the separation process, usually consider the following aspects:

(1) High mass transfer efficiency In general, the mass transfer efficiency of structured packing is higher than that of bulk packing.

(2) The flux should be large. Under the premise of ensuring high mass transfer efficiency, the filler with high flood gas velocity or gas phase kinetic energy factor should be selected.

(3) The pressure drop of the packing layer is low.

(4) The anti-pollution performance of the packing is strong, and it is convenient to disassemble and repair.

2, the choice of filler:

The temperature drop is large, the airflow resistance is small, the price is cheap, the hydrophilicity is good, the water flow can be slowly flowed down, the film is easy to form, the heat exchange time is sufficient, and the heat dissipation efficiency is high.