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How To Choose Cooling Tower Type?How To Arrange The Tower System Combined By Several Cooling Tower?
Nov 15, 2017

1.Cooling tower type

According to the cooling water temperature: High temperature tower,Moderate temperature tower and Normal temperature tower.

According to the status of installation position and noise requirement:Cross flow cooling tower and Counter flow cooling tower.

According to the cooling water volume of the chiller, in principle,the cooling water content of the cooling tower is slightly larger than that of the chiller.

When use many cooling tower,try to choose the same type of cooling tower.


2. Arrange the tower system

Try to avoid arranging the cooling tower near the heat source,flue gas and smoke sources,chemicals dump,coal pile.

The distance between the tower and tower or other building should meet the requirement of the cooling tower's ventilation,interaction of the cooling tower and the other buildings,the safe distance of the building fire and explosion protection and construction and maintenance of cooling tower.

The multi-tower design of round type cooling tower,the clear distance between the tower and tower should keep not less than 0.5 times the diameter of the tower.The cross flow cooling tower and counter flow cooling tower can be arranged side by side.

Arrange multiple cooling towers in groups of two or three units,the length between the adjacent cooling tower walls must be at least one cooling tower,make sure that the wind can flow to every cooling tower.

Leave a certain amount of allowance when design the temperature of the wet buld of the equipment to prevent the repeated circulation phenomenon.This way allow for a certain repeated phenomenon,but won't have bad influence to the required cooling tower outlet water temperature.