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How To Avoid The Drift Ice Phenomenon?
May 06, 2017

1.Hydrodynamic fan square type cross-flow cooling tower use large,wide-blade fan,in the case that the wing volume is same,increase the windward can reduce the fan's speed,this will reduce the rate of water drop,reduce the blowdryer's drift ice phenomenon.

2.The inlet air surface is a honeycomb fluid director after assemble the fill,it has good and uniform water-distribution,increase and stabilize the heat exchange intensity of water and air.Inlet wind side lean at a 30 degree angle to the tower,the airflow can be imported from it,but water drop can't spill out,effectively reduce the loss of drift ice.

3.Increase the width of the fan blade,reduce the fan speed,this will relieve the cooling tower water loss

4.Necessary increase the natural gravity water distribution sprayer and water retaining parts between fill and water-distribution pool,improve the way of cooling tower's water distribution.

5.Exchange rotor,clean the distribution pipe,if the pump's pressure is too high,change the suitable one.

6.Transform the cooling tower fill,adding water collecting structure on the part of fill's wind inlet and outlet on the base of original fill,make the maximum amount of water vapor in the packing to re-flow,reduce the amount of water that the fan takes away.