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How Does Cooling Tower Parts Cool?
Jun 22, 2017

How does Cooling Tower Parts cool?
I. Overview:
The cooling tower component is a device that utilizes the contact of water and air to disperse the waste heat generated in industrial or refrigerated air conditioning by evaporation. The basic principle is: dry (low enthalpy) of the air through the fan after the tic, from the wind into the Cooling Tower Parts; saturated steam pressure for the high temperature water molecules to low pressure air flow, hot and humid (high enthalpy) The water is spilled into the tower by the sowing system.
Second, the Cooling Tower Parts cooling mechanism:
To achieve cooling cooling of the three elements:
Cold air and water ratio (gas to water ratio); cold air and water contact surface area; cold air and water contact time. It is based on the above three elements of the design. The system resistance from the packing tower 140Pa down to 75Pa, cooling axial fan air volume increased by 20%, gas and water comparison of the packing tower increased by 20%; by high-efficiency low-pressure atomization device installed at 0.03MPa water sprayed into 0.5-1mm Droplet, gas and water contact surface area than the water distribution in the PVC filler on the 10%; the equipment used to spray, cooling downstream and reverse flow of the two processes, the cooling time is longer than the filler.
Third, the structure of the Cooling Tower Parts:
1, no filler Spray Cooling Tower Parts using high efficiency and low pressure centrifugal atomization device (nozzle pressure: 0.035MPa) as a cooling element to take [on behalf of the traditional packing tower packing and cloth water device, so that the whole tower almost become an empty tower, structure Greatly simplified.
2, no filler spray tower components in the elimination of fillers and distribution of water installed, the atomization device installed in the air duct above the water spray direction and axial fan suction the same direction of the cold, while the water has increased and decreased Two processes, cooling also has a downstream cooling and countercurrent cooling of the two processes.
3, no filler Spray Cooling Tower Parts are sprayed through the spray device will spray the water mist, so that the air and water evenly touch the tiny particles, and the packing tower is distributed through the water spray nozzle on the filler in the film and cold air contact The
4, no filler Spray Cooling Tower Parts due to the cancellation of the filler, so that the tower load greatly reduced, do not need more support beam plate, civil structure simplification, saving civil construction investment.
 Cooling Tower Parts are a lot of cooling tower parts manufacturers encountered, and has not been a very good solution to the problem. Chillers system, any form of Cooling Tower Parts in the working state are more or less there is drift phenomenon. Especially in the open cooling system, the circulating water is in direct contact with the atmosphere. The bacteria and dust in the air remain in the tower, resulting in an increase in the turbidity of the circulating water. The algae are formed in the wetlands of the tower, And the water system resistance, reducing the cooling efficiency, corrosion of the tower. Its floating into the atmosphere of water droplets are also likely to entrain with bacteria and pollution sources, the atmosphere or people causing pollution.
First, the Cooling Tower Parts flooding the main reason
1, the Cooling Tower Parts by the fan force will be smaller water droplets from the air duct out of the Cooling Tower Parts outside.
2, saturated hot and humid air in the cooling tower after leaving the components encountered outside the cold air to saturation, condensed into small water droplets, the formation of water.
3, water from the filler into the air outlet.