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Function Of Cross Flow FRP Cooling Tower
Dec 15, 2018

1. Water In the FRP cooling tower, the water flows from top to bottom, and the air flows from the horizontal outside the tower to the FRP cooling tower. The flow direction is straight and orthogonal to a FRP cooling tower. It is commonly used in residential areas where noise requirements are severe, and it is a fiberglass cooling tower that is used more in the air conditioning industry. Strengths: energy saving, low water pressure, low wind resistance, low-speed motor, no dripping noise and wind noise, and convenient filling and water distribution system.

2. It is possible to construct multiple bases with the shape of the construction, and to launch a single or multiple cooling towers according to the required water temperature.

3. It should be noted that the structure of the FRP cooling tower should have more filler volume when it is 40% more heat exchanged, the filler is easy to aging, the water distribution hole is easy to block, the anti-icing is not good, and the moisture return is large.