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Effect Of Circulating Pump Selection On Cooling Efficiency Of Cooling Tower
Apr 21, 2018

The Cooling Tower Cooling Effect We describe the cooling capacity. The cooling tower cooling capacity is independent of the circulating water pump. These are two unrelated quantities. However, in real life, we often encounter the actual problems of mutual interference. Starting from practical examples, this article focuses on the effects of circulating pump selection on the cooling effect of cooling towers.

The cooling tower is a kind of equipment used for cooling the air conditioner or industrial machinery. The most important technical indicator is the cooling capacity. In order to ensure the normal operation of air conditioners and industrial machines, the cooling tower must ensure that the excess heat generated by the machine work is taken away by the circulating tower water in a timely manner under the conditions of the set conditions. Therefore, the cooling tower is closely related to the circulating water pump.

Calculated by dedicated software, this type of air compressor has a normal selection of 125 tons of cooling towers. The surplus of cooling towers with 150 tons is very large. Why can this 200-ton cooling tower lead to excessive air compressor temperature alarm? After careful on-site inspection, the air temperature of the cooling tower was 50 degrees from the air compressor, and the water temperature from the cooling tower was 35 degrees. Originally designed cooling towers with a temperature difference of only 5 degrees, the current actual temperature difference has reached 15 degrees. Cool towers have become more effective as a result. In fact, through this probably can be the next conclusion, lack of cooling water flow.

The cause of the lack of flow is definitely related to the circulating water pump. Therefore, the parameters of the water pump were inquired. It was found that the pump flow rate was 100 cubic meters per hour and the lift was 50 meters. In actual conditions, the height difference between the cooling tower and the air compressor is about 10 meters, and the length of the pipeline is several tens of meters. After calculation, the required head actually does not reach the height of 50 meters. Therefore, it is inferred that the pump head is too high.