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Drift Ice Phenomenon
Apr 29, 2017

The drift ice phenomenon is a common problem but also a problem which never be solved.In cooling water unit series,any type of cooling tower has more or less drift ice phenomenon when in working condition.Especially in open-type cooling system,the circulating water contact with the atmosphere directly,bacteria and dust in the air will persist in tower,increase the turbidity of circulating water and algae form in the wet part of the tower.All this increase the pipe and water system's resistance,reduce the cooling efficiency,corrode the casing.The water drop that float into the atmosphere also likely to carry bacteria and pollution sources,cause pollution to the atmosphere or people.

Sewage cooling tower's standard rate of drift ice usually is 2%-5% of the circulating water.When a cooling tower is in working condition, you can see a lot of little water drop spray from it,like rime fog,it means the drift ice phenomenon is very serious.

The main reason of the cooling tower's drift ice phenomenon

1.Fan's draft draw out the smaller water drop from the ram mouth to the outside of the tower.

2.Wet hot water in saturation condition leave the tower and meet the cold air outside,it congeal and become small water drop,then form drift ice.

3.The water get out from the fill's air intake vent.