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Different Cooling Tower Features Vary In Performance
Feb 11, 2019

The cooling tower is the carrier of the central air-conditioning heat dissipation. It absorbs heat from a system and discharges it into the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature. More than 100 years ago, the cooling tower was simple in shape, like a barrel, hence the name of a cooling tower. The cooling tower is divided into a circular cooling tower and a square cooling tower according to the shape. What is the difference between a circular cooling tower and a square cooling tower for a circular cooling tower and a square cooling tower? How do you choose these two products sometimes? Let's make a brief introduction to Mr. Wang of Turing Air Conditioning.

Round cooling tower and square cooling tower introduction

The circular cooling tower uses countercurrent gas heat exchange technology. The internal frame adopts hot-dip galvanized steel structure, glass steel plate protects the surrounding, and the tower body is equipped with maintenance and escalator for normal maintenance and management of the tower top equipment. The filler is made of high-quality modified PVC inclined ladder wave plate to diffuse the water spray area; the water distribution is uniform or the cooling effect is enhanced by rotating water or tubular water distribution. Its shape is "circular", so it is called a circular cooling tower.

The square cooling tower adopts the air inlet on both sides, and the fan that draws air at the top makes the air exchange with the hot water through the packing on both sides of the tower, and the hot and humid air is discharged to the outside of the tower. The filler adopts a wave plate with bumps on both sides, and the wave plate is bonded into the whole through the mounting head to improve the rigidity. The bumps on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thereby improving the water film forming ability, and the tail of the packing is provided. Water measures. Its shape is "square", so it is called a square cooling tower.

Advantages and disadvantages of circular cooling towers and square cooling towers

Round cooling tower advantages

1. Stable, durable and easy to assemble; 2. Large water collection capacity, equipped with manual and automatic water supply device and sewage and overflow pipe, no need to design the pool separately;

3. Low cost, light weight, small wind resistance and good stability;

4. The tower body has good stability and strength, and can withstand earthquake cracking level 8 and level 12 typhoon attack.

Advantages of a square cooling tower:

1. Product updateability. Circular cooling towers are old-fashioned products of the past and have been used in the past few years. The square cooling tower is a new product that is more suitable for the needs of the market.

2, noise. The circular noise is relatively large and the square is relatively small.

3. Floor space. Both cooling towers can be used in parallel, but the square cooling tower saves space and provides excellent energy savings.

4, the price. Of course, the circular cooling tower is cheaper than the square. If you want to save money if your plant and equipment conditions permit, you can also consider the circular cooling tower. After all, it is the product of the older generation, and it also has it. Its own advantages.

5. Is it beautiful? The square is more beautiful and beautiful, and can be combined in multiple units, but the cost is relatively high.

The cooling tower series products produced by Teling Machinery Co., Ltd. are widely used in central air conditioning refrigeration because of their corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, small size, small footprint, beautiful and durable, and convenient transportation, installation and maintenance. In the power, light textile, chemical, injection molding and other industries, the cooling water circulation system is particularly suitable. Its product model is complete, superior performance, high quality and low price, and is well received by users.

Cooling towers are also widely used: mainly used in air conditioning cooling systems, refrigeration series, injection molding, tanning, foaming, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling, etc. , frozen, plastic chemical industry.