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Definition Of Cooling Tower And Knowledge Of Corrosion Protection
Jun 22, 2017

Definition of Cooling Tower and knowledge of corrosion protection
A Cooling Tower is a device in which water is in direct contact with air for heat exchange. Mechanical Cooling Tower It is mainly composed of fan, motor, packing, sowing system, tower, water tray and so on. Mainly by the role of the fan under the relatively low temperature and the water in the filler for heat exchange to achieve the purpose of reducing water temperature. Water tower construction and design conditions in each manufacturer's product specifications are marked, and we are now Cooling Tower circulation flow of water as a unit is the more commonly used units in the world, and in the selection should be left with 20% Left and right margins.
Cooling Towers are widely used in air conditioning refrigeration equipment and industrial production machinery cooling cooling, covering air conditioning cooling, freezing, injection molding, leather, foam, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor and other fields. Cooling Tower industry according to the application of different areas, the Cooling Tower is divided into air-conditioning Cooling Tower and industrial Cooling Tower
At present, the anti-corrosion requirements of the Cooling Towers are generally chosen as FRP Cooling Towers because of the anti-corrosion ability made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, high temperature and hardness, and are more suitable for industrial long-term use. And then in the tube and tube tube welding can be coated with anti-rust paint to protect the use of organic acids and fungicides to add anti-corrosion.
Industrial Cooling Towers are high temperature drop products, in the tower layout needs a larger cloth sprinkler system and higher power wind system. So the industrial Cooling Tower is larger, higher power, more supplies, the cost of air conditioning than the Cooling Tower is also higher.
 Industrial production or refrigeration process in the waste heat generated by the general use of cooling water to guide away. From the river, river, lake, sea and other natural water to absorb a certain amount of water as cooling water, cooling technology equipment to absorb waste heat to water temperature, and then into the river, river, lake, sea, this cooling method known as DC cooling The When the DC cooling conditions are not available, the Cooling Tower needs to be cooled.
The role of the Cooling Tower is equivalent to ordinary household air conditioning outdoor unit heat exchanger, is used to heat the equipment.
For the water-cooled central air-conditioning water, the condensation side is the water pump through the pipeline to remove the water inside the condenser heat, the water to the condenser after the heat away, the role of the pump in the cycle into the Cooling Tower, Through the flow of water in the Cooling Tower and then the heat transfer to the Cooling Tower around the air, and then re-enter the central air conditioning condenser to absorb heat.
Water-cooled central air-conditioning system Cooling Tower is equivalent to ordinary household air-conditioning outdoor unit on the condenser, the pump is equivalent to ordinary household air-conditioning outdoor unit fan motor, only by a heat exchanger into a secondary heat exchange only.