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Daily Maintenance Knowledge Of Cooling Tower
Dec 26, 2018

In the process of industrial production, the cooling water in the cooling tower is often used to wash away the industrial waste. The cooling tower USES the carrying cooling water to conduct heat exchange between the tower and the air, so that the waste heat is transmitted to the air.Cooling lap for heat exchanger air and heat evaporation cooling water management has a unique place, cooling lap is the use of water filler, the function is to enter the water cooling tower fan or splash water dispersed to form water film, filler using PVC data or modified polypropylene material production.Increase the time and area of water and air to make it in contact with water to get better cooling tower lower body.There is a water tank which collects the cooling water under the package to store and adjust the bottom of the tank, some water pipes and drainage, and the upper part of the tank is filled with pipes and pipes overflow.

Cooling in the process of use, years of weathering and dust, the use of cooling in the building backlog of a large number of dirt, the use of cooling quality of a large number of decline, serious impact on the cooling effect, the accumulation of impurities and packing aging.These will affect the service life of the cooling pad, it must be cleaned regularly.Only in this way can we adapt to long-term use.