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Cooling Tower Water Supply And Water Distribution Systems' Maintenance And Managment
Dec 29, 2017

1.Regularly observe whether the indicated value on the pressure gage of the hot water pump outlet pipe is normal,if there is problem,find out the cause and solve it in time.

2.If the water distribution system distribute water not uniform,solve the problem in time.The cause of this phenomenon:

pipe water distribution system:dirt and corrosion block the pipe,or the pressure of the nozzle is not enough and etc.

water tank water distribution system: aquatic plant ( algae,moss and etc)fill with the tank or sludge subside.

3.The dirt in the pipes and nozzles can be clean by machinery,also can be clean by rare hydrochloric acid,the concentration of rare hydrochloric acid solution should be determined according to the test.The damaged parts shoule be changed in time.According to the water quality and local sandstorm conditions, the water tank should be cleaned regularly and keep water flowing smoothly.         4.Check the corrosion of water pipes regularly,if you find that anti-rust paint is severely peeled off, brush it in time.