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Cooling Tower Type Selection Attention
Nov 02, 2018

1.The cooling tower should be positioned as far as possible near the heat source, waste gas and flue gas occurrence point, chemical stacking place and coal pile.

2. The distance between cooling towers or between towers and other buildings shall consider the safe distance between fire prevention and explosion protection of buildings, as well as the construction and maintenance requirements of cooling towers, in addition to the ventilation requirements of towers and the interaction between towers and buildings.

3, cooling tower of the feed line directions by 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° rotation.

4, the material of the cooling tower can - 50 ℃ low temperature resistant, but for most of the average temperature is below - 10 ℃ when placing order, shall specify the area, in order to take the anti-icing measures.Cooling tower cost increased about 3%.

5. The turbidity of circulating water should not be greater than 50mg/l, and should not be more than 100mg/l in the short term. Measures to eliminate algae and stabilize water quality should be taken if necessary.