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Cooling Tower Repair And Maintenance(2)
Oct 24, 2017

Commen faults and solutions




The Sprinkler head does not rotate or rotate too slowly

The inlet pipe has sundries

Clear the pipe and sprinkler head

The spray pressure is too low

Raise the water pressure

The outlet water temperature is too high

Too much circulation water

Adjust the water amount

Insufficient air rate

Adjust the angle of the fan blades,check whether the fill is jam

The fan has abnormal vibration

Mounting bolt loose


Fan impeller imbalance

Check whether the Angle deviation of each blade is within the specified range and re-calibrate the static balance

The reducer has abnormal sound


Gear wearing

Adjust the gear

Bearing failure

Change the bearing

Gearbox oil shortage

Add the 20# industrial oil

The new tower is in run-in period

It is normal in the first week of running,after the first week  should add new oil

The fan blades has abnormal sound


The fan blades seize in wind tube

Adjust the position of the fan

Fastenings and connecting piece

Check the fastening

Serious drift ice phenomenon

Big amount air rate

Adjust the fan

Drift eliminator damage

Check the water collection system,change the damage

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