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Cooling Tower Remover Use?
Apr 17, 2018

The eliminator is located in the cooling tower and is used to collect the droplets entrained in the tower airflow. Cooling tower water eliminator bracket with blade screw, screw tower cooling tower water eliminator, with good ventilation strength, low resistance, durability, high water absorption efficiency.

Uses: widely used in cooling tower equipment, is an essential component of the air conditioning system, widely used in cotton spinning, wool spinning, clothing, chemical fiber, knitting, shipbuilding, chemicals, subways, factories, stadiums, shopping malls, film production Laboratory and other industries.

Cooling tower water separator product features:

1. A simple and efficient steam and water separation device that will assemble the baffle plate at a certain distance. When placed in the wind, the water containing water mist flows through the wave channel formed by the baffle, shutting off the water droplets in the air, maintaining the humidity of the air, and not passing water.

2. After the water deflector is placed in the spray pipe of the air conditioning system, it is used as a separation device for steam and water.

3, in the warming system before placed in the surface cooler, as a steam separation device.