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Cooling Tower Parts How To Cool Down?
Jun 30, 2017

Cooling Tower Parts How to cool down?
I. Overview:
A Cooling Tower Parts is a device that uses water and air contact to disperse waste heat produced in industrial or refrigeration air conditioners by evaporation. The rationale is: Drying (low enthalpy) of air after the Twitch of the fan, from the wind network into the Cooling Tower Parts; Saturated steam is the pressure of high temperature water molecules to the low pressure of the air flow, hot and humid (high enthalpy value) of water from the water system into the tower.
Cooling mechanism of Cooling Tower Parts:
Three key elements to achieve cool cooling:
The ratio of cold air to water (air to water ratio), the surface area of cold air and water contact, and the time of cold air and water contact. It is based on the above three factors designed. The system resistance was lowered from 140Pa to 75Pa in the filler tower, the air volume of cooling axial fan increased by 20%, and that of air water was 20%. Through the high efficiency low pressure mist makeup position in 0.03MPa, the water is sprayed into 0.5-1mm droplet, the gas-water contact surface area is larger than water distribution on the PVC filler 10%; The equipment adopts a forward spray, cooling has downstream and upstream two processes, the cooling time is longer than the filler.
III. Structure of cooling tower parts:
1, Cooling Tower Parts using high efficiency low-pressure centrifugal mist make-up position (sprinklerpressure: 0.035MPa) as a cooling element to take [generation of traditional filler tower filler and cloth water position, so that the whole tower almost become an empty tower, the structure greatly simplified.
2, the Cooling Tower Parts after the removal of filler and distributed water position, the fog make-up position installed in the air inlet, the water injection direction and the axial flow fan suction of the cold air, while the water has a rise and fall two of processes, cooling also has downstream cooling and countercurrent cooling two of processes.
3, the Cooling Tower Parts through the fog make-up position water spray into a fog-like, so that the air and water of the micro-particles evenly contact, and the filler tower is through the water spray nozzle will be distributed on the filler in the film with the cold wind contact.
4, cooling tower parts due to the removal of filler, so that the tower load greatly reduced, do not need more support beam plate, civil structure simplification, saving civil investment.
A Cooling Tower Parts is a device for heat exchange between water and air directly. Mechanical Cooling Tower Parts It is mainly composed of fans, motors, fillers, water supply system, tower body, water tray and so on. The main purpose is to reduce the water temperature by heat exchange between the lower air and the moisture in the filler. The structure of the water tower and the design conditions in each manufacturer's product specifications are noted, and we now cooling tower parts circulating flow using tons for the unit is the international more commonly used units, and in the selection should leave a margin of about 20%.
Cooling Tower Parts are widely used in air-conditioning refrigeration equipment and industrial production machine cooling cooling, covering air-conditioning cooling, refrigeration, injection molding, tanning, foaming, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum processing, air compressor and other fields. Cooling tower Parts Industry according to the different areas of application, the Cooling Tower Parts are divided into air-conditioning Cooling Tower Parts and industrial Cooling Tower Parts
At present, the Cooling Tower Parts anti-corrosion requirements of the industry are generally selected FRP Cooling Tower Parts, because of FRP made of anti-corrosion capacity, high temperature and hardness and other aspects are relatively strong, more suitable for industrial long-term use. Then the welding of the tube plate and the tube can be coated with antirust paint to protect, using organic acid and fungicides to prevent corrosion.
Industrial Cooling Tower Parts are high-temperature drop products, in the tower layout requires a larger water spray system and higher power of the cloth wind system. Therefore, the industrial Cooling Tower Parts are larger in volume, higher power, more consumables, and the cost is higher than the air-conditioning Cooling Tower Parts.