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Cooling Tower Noise Sources And Solutions
Jan 11, 2019

Cooling tower noise sources and solutions

The four major sources of noise in the cooling tower:

1. Windmill noise: its noise is mainly composed of mechanical noise and fluid noise;

2. Motor noise: electromagnetic noise when the main motor is running;

3. Water drop noise: During the operation of the cooling tower, the sprinkler pipe sprays onto the packing and the water drops into the bottom basin;

4. Ventilation noise: It mainly has air fluid noise inside and outside the tower and tower resonance noise.

The main ways to solve the noise are: blocking noise transmission, adding noise-insulated cotton, replacing low-speed fans, etc. If the cooling tower is designed outdoors, the main method is to reduce noise. If the cooling tower is designed indoors, you can Interior design soundproofing. Designed indoors, acoustical coatings can be used.