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Cooling Tower Freezing Condition During Winter
Jan 27, 2018

Cooling tower working in -10℃ during winter,it always will occur freezing conditions because the imperfection of design or poor management.Freezing not only damage the structure of the cooling tower, but also affects the normal operation of the cooling tower.Therefore, the antifreezing problem is one of the problems that must be paid attention to during the maintenance and management of cooling tower which is in cold region.

The main parts of cooling tower which are easy to freeze:

1.The induced draught cooling tower, the freeze occurs first in the air inlet or the louver.Under the same conditions,the cross flow cooling tower freezing condition will more serious than the counter flow cooling tower.

2.The forced draft cooling tower,It will have a local freeze only on the air inlet or fan blade .

3.The open cooling tower will have freeze in the air inlet and louver.

4.If the cooling tower stop operation in the cold region during winter,and don't take any antifreezing measures,the water inlet and collecting basin will freeze.