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Cooling Tower Corrosion And Safeguard Procedures
Oct 31, 2017

Cooling Tower Corrosion And Safeguard Procedures

Cooling tower materials are generally made of carbon steel, stainless steel and copper,When the carbon steel tube plate used in a cooling tower,the weld joint of carbon steel tube plate and tubulation always will have corrosion leak,leakage will enter the cooling water system and cause the environmental pollution and waste of materials.

During the manufacture of cooling tower,soldering of tube plate and tubulation always use manual arc welding,the size of weld joint always have different degrees of defects,like stomates,slag inclusion etc.When the cooling tower is running,the tube plate contact with the industrial cooling water,and the impurity,salt,gas, microorganism in the industrial cooling water will corrode the tube plate and weld joint.Research has shown that industrial water, both fresh and seawater,have all kinds of ions and dissolved oxygen.The concentration changes of chloride ions and oxygen play an important role in the cooling tower corrosion.

For the anti-corrosion problem of cooling tower, the traditional method mainly is repair welding, but it is difficult to eliminate the internal stress inside the tube plate, which can cause the weld of cooling tower tube to leak again.Now many company use polymer composites to protect.Provide a permanent protective coating for the cooling tower.