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Cooling Tower Circulating Cooling Water Quality Treatment
Aug 21, 2018

The water quality of the supplementary water should be differentiated according to the requirements. Tap water or softened water can be supplied uniformly from the whole plant, or a water treatment device can be separately installed in the station.

If the user uses unqualified cooling water, the cooling capacity of the refrigerator will decrease due to the accumulation of dirt, the power consumption will increase, and even the condensing pressure will be too high to operate.

In addition, corrosion is generated to shorten the life of the refrigerator.

The main measures for the treatment of cooling water quality are as follows:

Scale inhibition measures

The fouling method, the acidification method, the softening method, and the addition of a scale inhibitor which are commonly used for the scale inhibition method of the scaled circulating cooling water.

The sewage discharge method is applicable to areas where the water quality is low in carbonic acid hardness and the amount of water is small or the water source is abundant.

When the carbonate hardness of the supplementary water is large, an acid addition measure can be used to control the pH value in the range of 7.2 to 7.8.

Softening method can be softened by ion exchange and softened by dosing

2. Corrosion control

The corrosive circulating cooling water can be treated with a scale inhibitor to achieve the purpose of corrosion inhibition and scale inhibition.

3. Control of microbial contamination

A large number of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and algae, are present in cooling towers and pools, which are highly harmful. Therefore, the cooling water should be sterilized and algae-killed.

The main control of microbial contamination is sunscreen, side filtration, pretreatment and pesticide addition.

The sun protection method is to cover the upper part of the open pool to avoid sunlight.

The side filtration method is to filter part of the water through the side filter to remove turbidity and algae.

Pretreatment is done before replenishing water to remove suspended solids and some plankton and bacteria.

It is also possible to add insecticide liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, etc. to the water to kill various microorganisms.

In order to prevent impurities from entering the cooling water system of the refrigeration unit, a water filter must be installed in the cooling water system of the cooling tower.

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