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Considerations For Winter Maintenance Of Cooling Towers
Nov 14, 2016

Considerations for running in winter

In winter operation, the motor current is added, please note. In order to avoid the lower tank freeze, use antifreeze electric heater. Apron pumps, piping using the heater, and lower water level in tank insulation jobs.

In order to avoid the closed type cooling tower brass (radiator) and the distribution of water frozen, please note the following points:

① in order to avoid water freezing, please participate in the circulating water antifreeze, or to participate in the piping to help antifreeze electric heater.

② After adding antifreeze, freezing temperatures drop, less likely to freeze. Higher the concentration of antifreeze, freezing temperature decrease thermal conductivity will decrease, therefore, in the selection to the attention of the cooling tower. If leakage, additional water will dilute the antifreeze, and freeze the temperature rise, please note.

③ circulation while the pump is running, antifreeze electric heater heating, water will not freeze. If discontinuance of circulating water pump, circulating pump in other needs help, where we used the entire freeze (with help, antifreeze heater circulating pump, piping).

④ circulating water system settings 3 directional valves, circulating water through the bypass pipe to control the volume of the occasion, if adding a bypass pipe flow, decreased copper pipe flow rate, that can also occur when there is a load of frozen. Set the minimum water flow for cooling towers.

⑤ to avoid apron apron and pump pipes freezing, use antifreeze electric heater, to adhere to the lower tank temperature.