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Considerations For Cooling Tower Operation
Nov 14, 2016

Circulating cooling water in cooling tower is a tower on the spray to fill in the body, make direct contact with the air through evaporation and convection to carry the heat to the atmosphere cooling device.

Its operation has the following note:

1, reducer oil should always check the oil level, lubricants recommended by 22~28 hypoid gear oils industrial gear oils, or 90~120, using viscosity oil in the summer. Emptying the oil after the first run for 20 days, and replacement oil.

2, fan, motor, reducer before operation according to the specification of the corresponding product inspection, especially motor wiring, wiring diagram wiring of the motor should be provided, sometimes not expressed a consistent, easily caused by wiring errors. Meets the requirements to start, the boot order, from low speed to high speed. Blade angle values after installation in accordance with samples, such as high speed current exceeds the rated value, should be immediately shut down, speed and contact the manufacturer. Adjustment wind machine leaves angle meet requirements of standard is: a,, and in the wind machine leaves from wind tube 150mm at of upper and lower margin underlined get Shang points and Xia points of high poor δ h value, each leaves of δ h value maximum and minimum of poor shall not is greater than 2mm;B, and from wind tube 150mm at leaves Shang margin of elevation value, each leaves elevation value maximum and minimum of poor value shall not is greater than 0.002R (r for wind machine RADIUS); c, and motor of current in high-speed running Shi is equal to rated value of 0.9~0.95.

3, such as recycling water, supplementary water quality water quality stabilization measures need to be taken, located next to the filter and, if necessary, be taken sterilization measures.

4, glass is a Blazer, so cooling towers repairs shall not be used when an open flame, such as the use of open flames, you must take appropriate security measures, and must be approved by the fire prevention and Safety Department, have full-time firefighters, fire-fighting equipment was present.