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Composition Features Of Square Counterflow FRP Cooling Tower
Apr 25, 2018

The double-speed external motor of the square counterflow FRP cooling tower has remarkable energy saving. After calculation, when multiple cooling towers are equipped with a single-speed motor, although some air conditioners can save power when the humidity of the wet bulb is low, they still consume more than the two-speed motor. Electricity 40% (in years).

       Test, its thermal and resistance characteristics are better than other fillers. Motors and fans are all supplied. The factory must send employees to the site for installation or technical guidance.

Structural composition and performance characteristics:

1) Filler: adopts the patent product of Siyuan - inclined trapezoidal wave packing sheet, increasing ribs horizontally, water re-distribution capability, small resistance, good thermal performance, high temperature resistance 70°C, low temperature resistance -50°C, flame retardant Good sex.

2) Motor: Designed by the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University. The patented product of the four hospitals manufactured by Camp Mengjin Electric Factory is a variable-torque, extremely low-noise, energy-saving motor with good sealing and waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency, and low noise.

3) Deceleration device: The deceleration device with power ≤ 11/5.5KW adopts the polyester fiber reinforced neoprene rubber belt drive, which is high in temperature resistance and high efficiency. It does not stretch when it meets water, and it overcomes the phenomenon of skidding and the noise is very small. The deceleration device with power ≥ 15/7.5 KW adopts the gear deceleration mode and the motor is installed outside the fan cylinder.

4) Fan: The low-noise, high-efficiency, wing-shaped FRP blade designed by the Department of Engineering Mechanics of Tsinghua University according to the parameters of this series of products has low noise, high efficiency, and adjustable blade angle.

5) Receiving water and water distribution device: A reflective low-pressure nozzle is used, and a single-rotation flow nozzle is used for the small tower, and the water distribution is uniform and the water pressure is small. The water collection device is designed to reduce the loss of floating water to 0.01%.

6) Sound Absorption Facilities: Ultra-low noise cooling towers are equipped with sound-absorbing material shielding and sound-absorbing grilles on the upper tower body outlet to achieve maximum noise reduction.

7) Sound Absorption Facilities: The ultra-low noise cooling tower is equipped with sound-absorbing material shielding and sound-absorbing gratings above the air outlet of the upper tower body to reduce the noise of fans and motors. Mushroom-type sound absorption grille for small towers.

8) Dripping and noise reduction pad: For low noise and ultra-low noise cooling towers, a good water-permeable sound-absorbing pad is specially designed, and a layer of oblique wave plates is provided underneath it, which greatly reduces drip noise.