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Components Spares Of Cooling Tower 2
Oct 23, 2017


Filler is the most important part of cooling tower, it's efficiency depends on the fully touching degree of water and air.Put simply, the role of the filler in cooling tower is increase the heat release, lengthen the standing time of cooling water, increase the heat transfer area, increase in heat, and the uniformity of water-distribution. It is not just put something which is use for cooling into cooling tower. Cooling tower is a equipment used to cooling liquid (water) with high temperature into normal temperature. Waste heat in industrial production and refrigerator technology usually use cooling water to deal with. The use of cooling tower is make the cooling water with waste heat exchange heat with air in the tower, transport the waste heat to air and then into the atmosphere. The applied range of cooling tower : air conditioning cooling system, refrigeration system, electric furnace, injection molding, tanning, generate electricity, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and so on.

Water pump:

AOSUA ISG single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump is the science and technology person

company with the experts in China,choose the best hydraulic model, use IS series centrifugal pump’s performance parameter, designed on the basis of the general vertical pump. At the same time, according to the different temperature and the media and on the basis of type ISG, derive pump suitable for hot water, high temperature , corrosive chemical, oil. The advantages:energy-efficient, lower-power consumption ,easy maintenance and so on.Reducer:NGW-L-F series cooling tower dedicated reducer designed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University,designed dedicated to support 200~750 t/n cooling tower and has become the most ideal product of cooling tower to energy-saving and noise reduction. Widely used in chemical industry, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, senior hotel, civil construction and other industries.Advantages:low noise,small vibration,easy maintenance.This series have three type:NGW-L-F31,NGW-L-F61,NGW-L-F81.The speed ratio of F13 is 4.43,F61 is 5.67,F81 is 5.67.

Sprinkler head:

Cooling tower sprinkler head is an important part of counter-flow round cooling tower water distribution system,cooling water inlet pipe into the cooling tower sprinkler, and then by means of the spray cooling tower sprinkler hole formation water, and sprinkle on the cooling towerpacking.Because the diameter of the nozzle is small, the water has a certain speed, according to the principle of action and reaction, cooling tower sprinkler is the opposite force in the direction of flow and rotation, make water flow distribution ceaselessly to the cooling tower packing.The water flow like a water film on the surface of the fill increases the water and air contact area.Air and water reverse flow in the tower to exchange heat,make a portion of water evaporate,take away the heat,have the effect of lower water temperature.Advantages:1.Supply pressure is low,Energy saving 2.Water spray is well-distributed Material of AOSUA sprinkler head:ABS,Nylon,Aluminium alloy.Brass.Spraying nozzle: AOSUA produce all kinds of specification,style ABS nozzle,low price and fine quality,spot supplies.Cooling tower ABS nozzle,three splash nozzle,marley nozzle,closed nozzle,reflection type nozzle,sewage nozzle and so on.The nozzle is made of ABS plastic one time injection molding with high strength long service life.The nozzle water distribution is uniformity,work pressure is low (work pressure of the nozzle exit only 0.6mH2O),widely suitable pressure range and not easy to jam.Because of its locking and anti loosening device,make the connection of it and the water distribution tightly,not shed,ensure long-term safe operation of water distribution system.Under the condition of normal use, the service life of the nozzle is 20 years.

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