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Components Spares Of Cooling Tower 1
Oct 16, 2017

Cooling tower mainly combined with fill (Heat dissipation material),water distribution system, ventilating device,air distributor device(eg:air inlet louver,air ducting),drift eliminator,catch basin and so on.Different combinations of these structures can be constructed into different types of cooling towers.Cooling tower's main parts are as follow:


Plastic series draught fan is our company self research and development to support cooling tower, together with sprinkler head, sprinkler pipes, motor, constitute the cooling tower recirculatingwater treatment system.It use high strength abs with one-time compression moulding forming, advantages: anti-corrosion, high strength, low noise, efficient, beautiful appearance, easy installation and so on. Since the products put on the market was welcomed by the masses infusers. This draught fan is well-made and have kinds of type and specification. It also can be Customized to meet the user's requirement.This series draught fan can wildly support 6-80T

cooling tower,meet the ventilation cooling requirement of the cooling tower.Our company have three kinds of cooling tower fan aluminium alloy, one kind is the fixed type fan, another is the cross type fan, the last one is the wing type fan.The wing type fan have two kinds: four fans and six fans. This fan support to cooling tower draught fan, together with sprinkler head (pipes), cooling motor, constitute the cooling tower recirculating water treatment system.

Fan aluminium alloy: designed with mufti and axial-flow type blade, the material is advanced aluminum alloy, through balance correction, operate steadily and silence,low noise, low energy, angle of blade can be adjust according to the demand of air,  give full play to maximum exhaust air.Product quality is in the lead in our country,main features:1.Blade:Appearance of blade design use the advanced wing type, excellent pneumatic performance.Compression molding and curing with high strength composite material,advantages: corrosion resistance, lightweight, high strength,easy to assemble and disassemble etc. Every formed blade has to check high torque, to ensure the high torque gap between each one ≤250g.m, the height difference of each blade's apex ±30mm.2.Hub:The hub is initiative of similar products at home and abroad.The blade phenomenon of feign that it's easy to cause major accidents can be avoided and can intervene independently.Every hub has to take static balance test together with the leaves before leave the factory, the static unbalance torque ≤315g.m, ensure the balance of operating. All the explored fasteners is galvanized with good anti-rust property.


YCCL series three-phase asynchronous motor Advantages: Efficiency, energy saving, big starting torque, excellent performance, low noise, small vibration, high reliability, easy to maintenance and so on. Shell level of protection is IP441 totally enclosed cooled, IC411 type of cooling.Connections: ≤ 3KW using Y connection, ≥ 4KW using △ connection.Cooling tower dedicated motor This motor suit for all kinds of cooling tower, it had been carefully designed and improved, not only have the advantages which Y series motor have, but also have it's own advantages:Excellent anti-corrosion waterproof performance: end cap, axle hole,  junction box use seal processing and have no seepage, suit the working environment of cooling tower.Low noise:after improve,noise become lower, 2-5db (A) lower than Y series Enclosure protection class is IP55, cooling by carried blade transporting,cooling type is IC410.

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