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Common Cooling Tower Failures And Solutions
May 30, 2018
FaultFault CauseSolution

The sprinkler head rotates too slowly or do not rotate.

There are clutter in the water inlet pipe

Clean the water inlet pipe

The pressure at the nozzle is too low

Water distribution uneven. (Pipeline Water distribution )

There are clutter in the nozzle openings

Clean the nozzle openings

The nozzle drop


The pressure at the nozzle openings is too slow

Increase the pressure

The outlet water temperature is too high

Too much circulating water

Adjust the amount of the circulating water 

The air volume is too small

Adjust the angle of the fan blades and check the fill

The fan has abnormal vibration

Mounting screw is loose


The fan impeller is unbalanced,the shaft is bend

Check the installation error of each fan blades,re-calibration,change the transmission shaft.

There are abnormal sound in the gearbox

Gear wear

Change the gear

Bearing failure

Change the bearing

Gearbox oil shortage

Add lubricating oil