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Closed Cooling Tower's Daily Maintenance
Oct 25, 2017

Closed cooling tower's daily maintenance can be divided into two parts,daily cleaning and daily maintaining.

Daily cleaning  

1.Clean the parts inside the tower like catch basin,spray pipes,sprinkler head in time.

2.Check the fill,clean the dirt on the fill keep the heat exchange environment clean.

3.Cleaning the dirt on the surface of the fan,adjust the angle of the fan blades,keep the clearance between the fan and wind tube.

Daily maintaining

1.Check whether the float ball in the catch basin is in work,change it in time if it is damage

2.Repair in time if the catch basin,tower foot and any place where is leaking.

3.Check whether the cap of the all totally enclosed motor is well,whether the motor has abnormal noise and shake when it is running and the motor fixed screw is loose.

4.Change the totally enclosed motor bearing if it has abnormal noise,check whether the fan blades is uniform distribution or loose.

5.Replace the broken and cracked belt. It is recommended to change the belt every two months.

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