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Cleaning Tips For Sewage Cooling Towers
Jul 09, 2018

Because the cooling tower is exposed for many years, the adsorption force of the fan is very strong, so that a large amount of sediment and dirt enter the tower. The long-term operation will make the cooling tower slowly reduce the heat dissipation capacity, and the water outlet of the water distributor is easy to block. Sediment and dirt can also easily enter the cooling water system, which will directly affect the normal cooling of the cooling water system. In order to prevent this from happening, the loss must be minimized and the sewage cooling tower must be cleaned regularly.

1. First drain the water from the cooling tower, and start cleaning from the water distributor on the tower to make the water supply hole of the water distributor supply water evenly. (If the water hole is blocked, use tools to clear it)

2. The staff enters the cooling tower and cleans the packing one by one with a high pressure cleaning water gun and a cleaning tool.

3. Thoroughly remove the dirt and dirt from the water collection tray, store it in a concentrated manner, and take it out of the building.

4. Clean the whole inside and outside with a high-pressure cleaning water gun, and clean the site to keep the original environment clean and tidy.